Families have chosen Maine camps for their children for more than a century.

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As a kid, summer camp was an adventure. As a parent, it’s bittersweet…

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Here is a great Boston Globe article about summer camps. By Jennifer Peter MAY 19, 2017: I loved the experience as a kid, and I want my daughter to have that too. But the letting go is tougher than I expected. I lived without them for 38 years. I had friends. I traveled. I went out, probably more than I should have. I vacationed on the Cape, often diving into the cool, clear waters of Long Pond in Wellfleet after a day of bodysurfing on the ocean waves. I was happy. Yearning for a family, yes, and hearing that biological clock, but I was happy. And then Clara came along, feisty and opinionated and funny and — I can’t deny it — a bit stressful at times....

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