Why Maine?

Maine offers you the same wonders it offers your kids: the chance to put down the stressors of everyday life and enjoy the state’s vast natural beauty. In fact, there’s more of Maine, and more to Maine, than the rest of New England combined: deeper forests, bigger lakes and longer rivers, more rugged mountains, and more than 3,500 miles of coastline. Yet Maine also boasts a variety of unique small cities and towns, a broad range of historical attractions, and classic inns and resorts for all tastes. From art museums to theater productions to festivals ranging from artistic to whimsical, Maine’s summer offerings will engage, entertain, and delight you.

Families have chosen Maine camps for their children for more than a century.

The state’s immense natural beauty provides an incomparable setting for outdoor learning and adventure.  Maine camps go beyond wilderness immersion, they create environmental stewards and outdoors enthusiasts, and they also help develop skills in sports, visual and performing arts, even robots and rocketry. They foster growth in youngsters while instilling timeless values: teamwork, responsibility, and mutual respect.

Camps, whether public or private, share one mission.

Here are some tangible benefits from spending time at a Maine Summer Camp:

  • Create community and friendship through unplugging from 21st century technology
  • Encourage initiative, confidence, and leadership skills
  • Stimulate an appreciation for nature

  • Promote exercise, activities, and play
  • Foster experiential learning

Hands-on learning is abundant at Maine Summer Camps, across a broad variety of subjects. This education sticks with kids, and helps foster interests that can carry on to educational pursuits, careers, and lifelong vocations.

Maine Summer Camp Photo Gallery

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