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Camps and Sustainability: Practicing It, Teaching It

courtesy Kieve-Wavus

Respect for the Environment at Camps

Sustainability. As one camp director puts it, the term means many things to many people. But one fact is certain. Camps throughout Maine are seeking to implement and teach practices that show respect for the environment. From utilizing solar installations to planting trees to serving locally sourced foods, camps are on board when it comes to promoting sustainable living.

Solar Panels, Composting and Pigs

Kieve-Wavus Education, Inc. operates Camp Kieve and Wavus Camp for Girls, both on Damariscotta Lake. Executive Director Henry Kennedy  says Camp Kieve boasts a number of hot water solar installations, while at Wavus, a barn has recently been outfitted with solar panels that will supply about 11 percent of electricity needs of both camps. Kieve uses waterless urinals, and has installed mechanisms in all new buildings called “light tubes,” which magnify and convey natural light to areas like basements and windowless bathrooms.

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