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How do I choose?

Our easy-to-use camp-matching tool makes it easy to find the most enriching, most memorable, most appropriate Maine Summer Camp experience for your child.

Camps by the ocean. Camps on a lake.
Boys, girls and coed camps.
Day camps and sleepaway camps.
Trip camps. Sports camps. Art camps…


Looking for the right camp? You’ll find it in Maine


For each child, the ideal camp. We strive to ensure every camper has the absolute best summer, and one of the ways to do this is matching the kid with the most perfect place, where they will thrive, be challenged and where they will find kindred spirits and lifelong friends. Above all, we want campers to be comfortable, physically and emotionally.

camplaurel happy girlsConsider amenities as well as activities. Will your child be content sleeping away from home for weeks? Or is a day camp right this year? Coed or single gender? Is your independent child looking to curate their own experience by choosing a “major” and outlining a program of recreation? Or do you have a free spirit happier to go with the flow and find direction in the moment throughout the camp session? Read More…

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