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How do I choose?

Our easy-to-use camp-matching tool makes it easy to find the most enriching, most memorable, most appropriate Maine Summer Camp experience for your child.

Camps by the ocean. Camps on a lake.
Boys, girls and coed camps.
Day camps and sleepaway camps.
Trip camps. Sports camps. Art camps…


Why Are Maine Camps Special?


Maine camps are steeped in history and nature, values we fear we are losing today.
Children from all over the country have been coming to camp in Maine since the late nineteenth century. While Victorian parents may not have been desperate to unglue their children’s eyes from a tiny, all-compelling screen, there has always been a sense of the green world away, a place lost to us in our civilized state (which we of course do not want to give up entirely). Sending your child to Maine is like sending them into the best parts of the wilderness.

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