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How do I choose?

Our easy-to-use camp-matching tool makes it easy to find the most enriching, most memorable, most appropriate Maine Summer Camp experience for your child.

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Camp Berwick: A Summer of Work, A Summer of Growth

Program promotes hard work and practical skills

Each summer, on a 750-acre island two miles off the coast of Milbridge, as many as 50 boys beginning at age 12 live in community to work together for a common goal. Founded nearly 70 years ago, Camp Berwick is a program of the Berwick Boys Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Massachusetts whose goal is to “help teenage boys develop physically, mentally, and morally through experience in living and working with their peers.” The program philosophy promotes hard work, independence in conjunction with collaboration, and teaching specific practical skills all designed to build “responsible, determined and socially minded, contributing adults.” Read More…