Events for Camp Members

Thursday, December 7: MSC Book Club – In person at the MSC Office & via Zoom, 9am

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Register to attend virtually or in person. MSC Book Club Co-Chairs, Jessica Decke of U Maine 4-H Camp at Tanglewood and Laura Jo Cunningham of Kingsley Pines Camp will be leading the discussion of Generations: The Real Differences between Gen Z, Millenials, Gen X, Boomers, and Silents and What They Mean for America’s Future by Jean Twenge, PhD. Migis Meetup debriefs revealed that members are interested in learning more about connecting with staff members from other generations.   If you would like to attend virtually, sign up HERE. If you plan to attend in person, please email Laura Jo.

Monday, December 11: Access Funding to Train YOUR Camp Staff, 12-1pm via Zoom

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Charlie Galemmo and Maureen O’Brien from Maine’s Community College System will share details about funding for staff training available from the Harold Alfond Center for the Development of Maine’s Workforce and the Maine Workforce Development Compact (MWC). As an employer in Maine, your camp can join the Compact at no cost. Take advantage now and learn how your camp can get reimbursed for 50% of the training expenses for each employee up to $1,200 per employee per year. This is a statewide Compact and the process to recover employee training costs is simple and straightforward. Please note: employees must be 18, HS grads (or equivalent), and Maine residents. Seasonal employees who reside at your camp during the summer may access...

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