Slovenski Camps

  • Overnight Camp
  • Boys, Co-ed, Girls
  • 1 Week

Slovenski Camps are guided by the Liberal Arts traditions of Western Civilization. We believe in helping campers learn what we call the Liberal Arts for Children: swimming, dodgeball, capture the flag, singing, dancing, paddling, sailing, manners, thoughtfulness, reading classics, and cleaning up after ourselves. Summer camp should be a place free from the distraction of glowing screens. Campers will learn to have fun the way their parents and grandparents did — playing outside. They will engage in unique, exciting activities that teach real-life skills such as mental toughness, how to work alone and in teams, how to quickly adapt to new rules and conditions, and how to defend yourself with Nerf weapons.


  • Youngest age: 8
  • Oldest age: 16

Camp Season:

  • Begin Date: June 15, 2024 2024
  • End Date: August 24, 2024

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