Moose River Outpost

  • Overnight Camp
  • Co-ed
  • 2 Weeks, 3-4 Weeks

Moose River Outpost is a high-quality Christian camping experience for kids 11-17 years of age. This wilderness camp develops strong, positive relationships and an appreciation for Maine’s beautiful woods and waterways. Come explore over 7,000 acres of woods, streams, and lakes. As great as our property is, our hard-working, devoted counselors are even more of a source of pride for us. Your children’s role models are the most important element of their camp experience. Activities include: Water Skiing, Wake Boarding, Mountain Bikes, Hiking, Knee Boarding, Swimming, White Water Rafting, Paintball, Climbing Wall, Brook Trout Fishing, Basketball, Orienteering, Canoeing, Campcraft, Archery and Skeet shooting! Call us for additional information, or visit our website for the latest up-to-date information.


  • Youngest age: 11
  • Oldest age: 17


  • Year: 2005

Camp Season:

  • Begin Date: June 23, 2024
  • End Date: August 17, 2024

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