Dance Studio by Laura Scott

  • Day Camp
  • Co-ed
  • 1 Week

Get ready to kick up your heels at Dance Camp! From exuberant Highland dances to energetic step-dancing and the thrill of social party dances, our camp offers exhilarating movement that will have you dancing with joy!

Our diverse classes cover a range of Scottish dance forms plus contemporary, and yoga, with live and recorded music – and a mid-week craft activity thrown in, too – the fun never stops!

Located just a stone’s throw away from the water’s edge and near Willard Beach, camp not only offers fantastic dance instruction but also a chance to unwind together. Join us for optional beach gatherings where families are welcome to join in!

Throughout the week, our goal is to not only teach campers the art of Scottish dance but also instill in them the fundamental principles of alignment, breath, and dance dynamics. But it’s not just about technique—it’s about forging friendships, creating memories, and being part of a community.

Led by Laura Scott, who has been at the helm of Dance Camp since the ’90s, our team of dedicated instructors are not only experts in their craft but also former campers themselves.

With Laura’s vision of nurturing both excellence and joy in dance, you can be sure that Dance Camp will be an unforgettable experience filled with laughter, learning, and, of course, lots of dancing!




  • Youngest age: 6
  • Oldest age: 16

Camp Season:

  • Begin Date: July 29, 2024
  • End Date: Aug 2, 2024

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