Camp Winnebago

  • Overnight Camp
  • Boys
  • 3-4 Weeks, 7-8 Weeks

How to measure value at camp? Ask the child, and they answer “fun.” Ask the adult and they answer “values” and “healthy relationships.” Celebrating 98 summers, we are committed to these terms and how easily they work together. Children want and like a certain program structure. Whether through instructional and competitive sports programs, the rustic canoe and mountain trips, individual activities aimed at improving lifelong skills, or many special activities, we love children and insure fun, values and healthy relationships. We stay small (and fill early) because we stress community and everyone knows each other. All campers have access to the Director, when Andy goes to each cabin to say goodnight or when he enthusiastically spectates at activities.



  • Youngest age: 8
  • Oldest age: 15


  • Year: 1919

Camp Season:

  • Begin Date: June 22
  • End Date: August 12

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