Camp Arcadia

  • Overnight Camp
  • Girls
  • 2 Weeks, 3-4 Weeks, 7-8 Weeks

Teaching 21st century skills since the early 20th century!

Since 1916, Camp Arcadia has been operated by the same family for four generations. A warm, family atmosphere and close guidance foster collaboration, personal growth and self-confidence. Our extensive program gives opportunity to expand individual interests through a wide offering of activities.

Summer days fly by as our campers participate in fun and adventurous activities in the arts (painting, drawing, weaving), sports (tennis, lacrosse, soccer, basketball, riding), nature, sailing, kayaking, and boating, hiking and canoeing. Our program is full, and our girls experience the thrill of learning and doing for themselves in a technology free environment.

At Camp Arcadia each girl grows in new ways. First hand experiential learning – working together at the ropes course, nature, paddling, sleeping under the stars – gaining knowledge not found in classrooms.

Arcadia is a place where campers learn to depend on themselves and on nature. At Arcadia our girls are involved and they grow in understanding themselves and the world around them and in learning to live happily with others. Life-long friendships develop.

We invite you to experience Arcadia.


  • Youngest age: 7
  • Oldest age: 17


  • Year: 1916

Camp Season:

  • Begin Date: June 22, 2024
  • End Date: August 9, 2024

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