Why choose a Real Maine Summer Camp?

maine sunset behind a mountainMaine is more than a place—it’s a feeling you get as soon as you arrive. Suddenly, the air’s a little fresher, the pines taller, the lakes clearer. You can hear the essence of Maine in the cry of a loon, taste it in a fresh-caught trout, and watch the sun rise a little earlier in Maine than anywhere else in America. Fact is, there’s more of Maine, and more to Maine than the rest of New England combined: deeper forests, bigger lakes, more rugged mountains, longer rivers and nearly 3,500 miles of coastline.

Families have chosen Maine Summer Camps for their children, year after year, for generations. Others have more recently discovered Maine as a haven from a high-tech, high-stress world  — a chance for kids to experience natural beauty, life-long friendships and old-fashioned values.

Maine Summer Camps reflect all the possibilities of Maine. They can be as traditional as a canoe trip and as futuristic as rocketry. Among our more than 100 member camps, many help develop skill in sports and outdoor adventure; some teach musical instruments; others may inspire kids to plant the seeds of the next forest. Some are public, some private. But all focus on fostering growth—while instilling the timeless values of teamwork, responsibility, mutual respect and role modeling that is essential to the healthy development of children.

Is a Maine Summer Camp right for my child?

canoeing on the lakeMaine camps are different. Kids who choose Maine camps have a passion for exploration, friendship and fun. Some come to Maine to develop a life-long love of the outdoors, while others are budding artists, scientists or soccer stars. And while campers come from all over the world, the experiences they leave with are universal. Kids of diverse interests and backgrounds always seem to come together in the unique world of a Maine Summer Camp. We invite you to find just the right summer camp experience for your child.

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