Need Staff? Together We Can Tackle Today’s Staffing Challenges

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A link to the recording (Passcode: XSBQ0.s$) of our February conversation with the MSC Ad Hoc Staffing Committee and Kim Aycock, ACA Project Real Job Chair, around where/how young people explore job opportunities, what factors excite them about camp, and how they embark on the path to apply. From there we will collaborate in small groups to share thoughts, questions, and ideas around promising practices that are moving the needle in a positive direction. Leave with renewed energy and ready-to-use PRJ resources for staffing your camp in the remaining months leading into the 2023 camp season!

Learning Outcomes:

  • Take a look into the early stages of the staff experience cycle from where they look for a summer job,what attracts them to camp, how to remove hurdles to the application process.
  • Collaborate with colleagues to share ideas and success stories to inspire our community to work more closely to bring candidates to the hiring table
  • Gain exposure to various Project Real Job resources available that can be used to enhance your staff recruitment efforts.


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