She Summits Adventures

  • Day Camp, Overnight Camp, Trip Camp
  • Family, Girls
  • 1 Week, 2 Weeks, 5-6 Weeks, Special Sessions

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Fostering self-confidence through brave outdoor experiences. 

Where will your bravery take you?

Our Philosophy

1. She Summits Co. exists to impact each person that comes to camp or on an adventure. To let them escape society, live their best life, and blossom into self-confident individuals.

2. She Summits Co. principles and programs create an atmosphere of lifting each individual up through the simple act of being brave

.3. These acts of being brave are based on each person’s comfort level and we encourage each individual to be courageous and push themselves to take the next step.

4. She Summits Co. endeavors to teach people to love themselves and be confident in the person they are in this moment through outdoor experiences.

5. Campers will meet incredible people who may become some of your best friends and part of your family.

6. Days spent with She Summits Co. are priceless. These days will be challenging, optimistic, encouraging, and full of singing and dancing.

We are #shesummitsco

We keep our camps small: ten campers or less with two+ trip leaders who are Maine Trip Leader trained, Lifeguards, and Wilderness First Responders. 





  • Youngest age: 6
  • Oldest age: 18


  • Year: 2019

Camp Season:

  • Begin Date: June 18, 2023
  • End Date: August 26, 2023

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