Planning Your Camp Visit

Looking and listening to help make the right decision

It’s a good idea to visit in person if you can, ideally during the summer before your child will attend.

During your visit, watch some of the activities your child is interested in, not only for the skill level and teaching offered, but also to get a feeling for the level of competitiveness, friendliness and interaction among campers and staff.

Perhaps most importantly, talk with the camp director and staff to get a feeling for their values and approach to working with children. Ask yourself if it complements your own parenting philosophy.

Some other questions to ask include:

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  • What is the camp director’s background?
  • What training do counselors receive? What’s their age range? Counselor-to-camper ratio? What percentage returned from last year? (Most camps have from 40-60 percent returning staff. If the rate is lower, find out why.)
  • How are behavioral and disciplinary problems handled?
  • How does the camp handle special needs for individual campers?
  • How does the camp handle homesickness? Other emotional issues?
  • What about references?

For more detailed advice on getting the most out of your camp visit, check out the website of the American Camp Association.

Use our easy-to-use camp-matching tool to find a Maine camp for your child!