What Is So Special About Going to Summer Camp?

Childhood lasts only a dozen or so precious years, a time of learning, growing, play and seminal experiences that will shape the course of a life. Each year of childhood is divided into two times: the school year and summer vacation. And while the school year is crisp and crackling with possibility, books with unbent […]

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Looking for the right camp? You’ll find it in Maine

For each child, the ideal camp. We strive to ensure every camper has the absolute best summer, and one of the ways to do this is matching the kid with the most perfect place, where they will thrive, be challenged and where they will find kindred spirits and lifelong friends. Above all, we want campers […]

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A World Without The Web

Can you imagine going one day without consulting the internet for some kind of information? Whether it’s social, business, casual research, or idly passing time, we all seem to be constantly connected to and reliant on our devices these days. Our children have never known a world without the web. Without total access to all […]

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Keeping Camp Alive

So, your camper comes home on a high, talking about games and names and songs you’ve never heard of before. This is a new kid! A happy, silly, twigs in her hair, kid who wants to teach you about scat and astronomy. That elation lasts long enough for all the laundry to get done and […]

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The Importance of Counselors

An outstanding camp counselor is a person you remember your entire life. Somewhere in between teacher, babysitter, and confidante, this older individual is usually a former camper. This counselor is someone who has literally walked where your child is walking and slept where she is bunking, and is going to be a role model and guiding force […]

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The Hidden Value of Camp

Your kids want to go to camp for a variety of reasons: to swim, boat, craft, play games, sleep in a bunk, make up stories, sing songs, eat s’mores, and stay up late. Who among us wouldn’t want to spend many warm weeks of summer having fun with our friends? And while parents endorse all […]

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