Conquering Homesickness: A Life Lesson in Resilience

Homesickness, the feeling is different for different kids, but the discomfort can be profound. And it isn’t necessarily limited to campers; even camp staff can feel it.  But as parents and kids prepare for the camp experience, being mindful of homesickness and how to manage it is a key element for a successful summer. Last […]

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Beyond the Self: Camps Fostering Spiritual Growth

Camps in Maine serve a vast range of purposes: building skills and community, creating lifelong friendships, plunging into nature and unplugging from technology. While each of those purposes can touch a child’s spiritual side, there are camps in Maine that purposefully seek to help kids look beyond themselves and into a world where God or […]

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Camp Leadership Programs: Teaching Skills for Camp, College, and Life

courtesy Tanglewood Across the state, camps of all kinds serve youngsters well into their teens.  But what happens when kids “age out” of camp, or when teens who’ve never been to camp want a new experience? Traditional CIT (counselor-in-training) programs exist, yes, but in addition to molding future counselors, many camps offer leadership training programs […]

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Planning for Summer? Consider Attending March 19 Camp Fair in Portland

With hopes of spring on folks’ minds, it’s actually time to start thinking about summer plans. For many families, those plans include camp. It may be a day camp or overnight camp, traditional or specialized; the state boasts nearly 200 summer camps. For parents and kids looking for different camp options, the Maine Summer Camps’ […]

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Maine’s Oldest Summer Camps: Maintaining Values, Adapting to Change

Scattered throughout the state, on pristine sites of woods and water, there are more than handful of Maine summer camps that were established more than 100 years ago. Many of them have been owned by the same families for generations, passed on in transitions that have demanded a delicate balance of maintaining decades-old traditions while adapting […]

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From Lyme to Lice: A Presentation on “Things That Bite At Camp”

Summer camp in Maine brings together thousands of kids from all over the world ready to enjoy all of the state’s beauty. Maine’s insects, however, can be uninvited but omnipresent guests. That’s where Laura Blaisdell, M.D., M.P.H., and her husband, Andy Lilienthal, come in.  Lilienthal is owner and director of Camp Winnebago, in Fayette.  Blaisdell […]

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Photo courtesy of Camp Takajo

Healthy Camp, Healthy Campers: Mental Health Issues at Camp

Camp can be a world unto its own. Campers can unplug from technology, forge new relationships, take on unfamiliar challenges. For staff, too, camp can be a welcome escape into the woods and wild. But mental health issues – particularly anxiety – can arise for campers and staff alike. On Tuesday, Maine Summer Camps, a […]

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Camperships: Making Camp Accessible to More Kids

Last week’s blog featured numerous camps throughout the state that offer free sessions to economically disadvantaged kids. Youngsters who qualify for free and reduced lunch under federal guidelines – kids often nominated by schools or social service agencies – may have the opportunity to attend a week or 10 days of Maine camp tuition-free. But […]

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Tuition-Free Camp in Maine: Widening Opportunity for Deserving Kids

Maine camps host thousands of kids each summer. But camp isn’t cheap. Tuition at some camps hovers around $10,000 for a full session. Yet the benefits of camp extend to kids from all backgrounds. That’s why a number of camps offer special sessions for economically disadvantaged youngsters, giving them a chance to experience traditional camp […]

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Camp Susan Curtis: Offering Transformational Experiences, Tuition-Free

Situated on 100 acres of conservation land and a lake all to itself, a camp in Maine is changing youngsters’ lives by the thousands – completely tuition-free. For more than 40 years, Camp Susan Curtis in Stoneham has hosted economically disadvantaged children from all over the state. Kids participate in traditional camp activities, to be […]

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The Junior Maine Guide Program: Confidence Beyond the Woods

Confidence. Junior Maine Guides  – those certified decades ago, as well as more recent candidates –  agree that the outdoor living program, which culminates in a rigorous five-day outdoor test encampment, gave them confidence. And not just in the woods. During the program’s nearly 80-year history, more than 2600 youngsters aged 14 to 18 have […]

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The Junior Maine Guide Program: Outdoor Living Skills and Much More

Every summer, deep in the woods of the Stephen Phillips Memorial Preserve in Oquossoc, Maine, as many as 75 teenagers gather for a five-day encampment with one goal in mind: to become certified as Junior Maine Guides. From paddling a canoe to wielding an axe to cooking over an open fire, these candidates demonstrate their […]

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Being Unplugged at Camp – Life Without Technology

No Facebook. No Twitter. No email. No technology at all. For many kids who attend summer camp in Maine, cell phones and other devices are not part of the picture. That, according to Matt Pines, director of Maine Teen Camp in Porter, is a game-changer. Pines, whose co-ed camp caters strictly to teenagers, cites a […]

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