Our Mission & Values

Our Mission…

girl in kayaksupports and promotes meaningful developmental, educational, environmental, and recreational experiences for children. We engage in activities that enhance the quality and effectiveness of Maine’s youth camps.

We accomplish this by…

   • fostering the exchange of information and ideas;
   • interpreting and coordinating activities that will enhance cooperation with various private, non‑profit, public, and governmental interests and agencies; and
   • identifying and creating research, programs, projects and services that will improve the quality and safety of youth experiences at Maine’s organized camps.

MSC is a membership organization of over 100 Maine summer camps & adventure programs. It is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, governed by an elected Board of Directors.

Current Objectives

We strive to enhance the public’s understanding of Maine camps and the values of camping through:

  • An annual directory of Maine summer camps (print & web versions)
  • A website for public access to Maine camps
  • Newsletters, press releases and participation in forums and conferences
  • A list of camp facilities available off-season for continuing education and extended use of beautiful Maine locations
  • Research to illustrate the educational, economic, social and child development value of camp
  • Maintenence of a broad based membership of camps, camp leaders, business supporters, and individuals from diverse backgrounds and interests
  • Referrals and assistance to the public on locating camps, starting camps and other camp related topics

Advocacy & Public Policy

girl floating in waterWe proactively provide education, advocacy, collaboration and action on issues, regulations and legislation that may affect the camping industry, campers or the public’s access to quality camping services. Such issues include: child safety, safe drinking water, economic development, employment regulations, minimum wage, international student exchange programs, wastewater/trash disposal, preservation of the environment, taxation, and insurance (liability, health and workers’ compensation).

Organization Management & Membership

  • Develop & review a strategic plan for MSC, set priorities for staff and committees.
  • Develop a strong membership base for needed cash flow and program support.
  • Provide effective financial management.
  • Conduct membership development and support services.
  • Maintain a balance between cost effective professional support and productive volunteer activity.
  • Provide Group Buying Service for camps to support businesses and gain discount.
  • Avoid duplication of services with the American Camping Association.

Professional Development & Ethics

We provide educational opportunities for directors, staff and campers to further professionalism, to improve the quality and safety of camps, to encourage diversity and environmentally sound practices, and to increase effectiveness of business management. This program consists of:

  • A program of fellowship meetings, informational sessions and training workshops.
  • Annual training opportunities for Junior Maine Guide, and Staff.
  • Periodic revision of code of ethics and legal review of process.
  • Generating an atmosphere of professional support and resources for our membership.
  • Voluntary crisis support among member directors.