Archive | April, 2017

Beyond the Self: Camps Fostering Spiritual Growth

Camps in Maine serve a vast range of purposes: building skills and community, creating lifelong friendships, plunging into nature and unplugging from technology. While each of those purposes can touch a child’s spiritual side, there are camps in Maine that purposefully seek to help kids look beyond themselves and into a world where God or […]

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Conquering Homesickness: A Life Lesson in Resilience

Homesickness, the feeling is different for different kids, but the discomfort can be profound. And it isn’t necessarily limited to campers; even camp staff can feel it.  But as parents and kids prepare for the camp experience, being mindful of homesickness and how to manage it is a key element for a successful summer. Last […]

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The Pre-Camp Countdown: Preparing for Opening Day

The countdown is on for Maine camps. Their websites list the days, hours, even seconds, until opening day, when girls and boys from here and afar descend on the scores and scores of camps throughout the state. But while campers are still immersed in school and activities, camp directors are keeping their eyes on the […]

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